Volodymyr Serhachov is a post-digital artist and designer from Ukraine.

He was born in 1998 in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. He is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Department of Experimental Design. Works with digital media, sometimes mixing them with traditional ones, such as graphics and installation. Actively uses 3d animation and time-based media for dynamic and accurate communication of art narratives or futuristic concepts in design. As a designer he is a participant of the of contemporary biomorphism direction.


Participated in projects to preserve the cultural heritage "The Way of Transcarpathian Painting" (2020), "Lost Churches of Transcarpathia" (2021). Also took part in frt residence and pop-up exhibition "Contemporary Art Rivne" 2021 - which draws public attention to the problems of water resources and understanding of the ecological state of the city and region.  


In his works he often embodies science fiction and mystical plots. In the process, he often turns to the topic of combining technology with nature, more precisely organic matter, which can be attributed to solar punk and biopunk. These concepts, at the moment, inspire the search for a new visual language in design and alternative use of environmental resources. In art, he’s most attracted by the opportunity to form a different image of the future.