Analog Photography, concept art, design and fashion are my main interests. Through my lens I reflect body, people, and subcultural community. I like all shades of black and white photography and rough grain.

Photography was in my family even before I was born. My grandpa had small workshop. Analog camera mechanic and passionate photographer of nature and portraits. He also work as leather and saddler. My first connection with camera as observer was in my 17th. My works aged from subculture and documentary through body and portrait photography. I like when you can smell edginess and moment of shoot from my negatives. In last year I started my own merch design. I invite more upcycling tailors and document their works. All my works shifted me to my last project "Imperfection Shapes".

About me

Present day

Imperfection Shapes Concept is struggling with contemporary term "fast fashion" from our rapid age. This word is point of interest and discussion more and more often. What is the world enviroment impact. On community? What can we do differently? In this collection I deal with these questions. Series of photos combine opposite - slow fashion, concept fashion designers with body art. In recent years depression about self-love and own existence in society has increased. I broke old dogmas about ideal of beauty set by biggest fashion brands. I point out that every body is beautiful and we are obligate to love ourselfs no matter how community look at us. In my negatives you can see concept new art and upcycling fashion designs.