About Me

My passion is creating things from new undiscovered idea

Hello! I’m Robo. Programmer, idea creator and start-up developer from Slovakia. I have experience with custom backend/frontend web developement, 3D editors like CAD/CAM, Blender, Photoshop, video game development in Unity engine with C#.
I`ve always wanted to create, explore and learn new abilities from scratch on my own projects.

My story

From young age I was interested in technologies. I choose to study CNC and welding machines programming, I learned how to operate lathes and mills by hand, later with computers and it’s software. AutoCAD and SurfCAM for 3D modelling and technical drawings.. I worked with Siemens, Fanuc and Heidenhein systems. Later after school I was learning new skills in other software like Blender, Photoshop, FLStudio, firstly Game maker then Unity engine. I learned HTML, CSS, PHP from tutorials, then I got my first project- I worked on custom web portal, using Codeigniter 3 with PHP, MySQL, JS.. meanwhile I worked with friends on 3 games prototypes using Unity 3D engine with C#, only one is ,,playable prototype,, in this moment. All those steps lead me to create a startup Small Robot Games, later another startup TaTraja.

Frontend development


Backend development

PHP, Laravel, SQL, C#

3D Design, 2D Design

Blender, SurfCAM, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Lightroom

Game developement

Blender, Unity engine

Finished projects


Work in progress projects




My latest


15. May 2022

Web done for client, within sixnet.sk, Local company portfolio and landing page

06 August 2021
The Start-Up Small Robot Games has been launched.

Small Robot Games is a game-dev studio focused on indie games for mobiles,PCs and consoles.

14 September 2021
We`ve developed a small game prototype.

Protype is playable on itch.io
Click to open game in your browser, contact me for password on mail or any social profile.

15 October 2021
We`ve started working on TaTraja.

TaTraja is our new project.
Community based civil organization for people interested in learning new skills.

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My Abilities
Marketing and presentation

As a leader of your company, you need to think about many details. Let me help you with marketing, presentation and identity of your company, so you can take your time to manage other details, for more satisfied customers.

Game Development

Do you dream about your own video game? We are here for you. Team of game enthusiasts, programmers, designers, animators, sound designers, storytellers will deliver workforce for you. We are able to develop an app or a game for platforms like iOS, Android, PC or console of your choice. Big RPG game or small Google play project on your mind?

Web & App Development

Do you have a vision of your biz on your mind? You want to step up? Contact me! I will deliver to you the best team of programmers and designers from all around the world. Custom web and app development is big part of our success, so it can be yours too.

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