Hi, we are BRIND and we are from Kyiv, Ukraine.

BRIND is our conceptual response to brands who, in pursuit of mass production and profit, dictate their rules of fashion on society, which often runs counter to responsible production and the peaceful coexistence of our planet’s people. The meaning is very simple. We create graphic art, find stylish vintage clothes, adjust their design and, with the help of computer embroidery (machine embroidery), combine all this into a single full-fledged piece. By purchasing our NFT, you have the opportunity to become the owner of unique clothes with ready-made embroidery, the production of which is based on upcycling of existing resources. Each piece is completely distinct from the last. On 24 February, at 5am, the war in our country began. Russia has attacked full-scale peaceful Ukraine, destroying entire cities and killing civilians. The priorities of all citizens have dramatically changed. When we wrote this statement, the most important values for us were the rational use of resources, uniqueness and upcycling, and while we have your attention, let us add just a few more important tags about our clothes: oversize, unisex, one-size ... Each of our NFTs is a reflection of the events taking place in our country and, accordingly, in our hearts. Our clothing collection is ready. It is packed in a closet while Ukraine defends itself. Today we ask you to buy a token and, as soon as the war is over, we will make every effort to send you clothes. All the money will go to the defense of our country and the needs of millions of refugees who found themselves homeless. You have a chance to help us end this war sooner.