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I have been shooting video for about ten years, with cameras of any models and configurations.

I actively use a three-axis steadicam, a slider, and a tripod for filming, also piloting a drone. During my work on the set, I worked with many different cameras, both film and television using various shooting techniques and actively use additional devices to work with video cameras. I understand the purpose and principle of operation of each of them, I have a great experience of using them. Extensive experience in using microphones, guns, wireless systems, etc., adjusting the sound on cameras, recording sound, both rough and finish.I use software for sound processing (Ableton live) and video (Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro). Audio-video industry interested me very much, so that is why I want to grow and develop my skills in this direction. I am constantly trying to educate myself. Also, I do photograpahy, with any SLR and without SLR cameras, both in the studio and on outside location, shooting on analog or digital cameras. For photos editing I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I am non-conflicting, calm, I like to work in a well-coordinated team and I work responsibly and conscientiously. I am always ready to learn new things

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