23 March 22

We just launched our first NFT collection

Drawing with light collection is the work of a collective of photographers, designers, painters, programmers, composers, actors, directors and performance artists who work under the TaTraja umbrella. This collection reflects our primary purpose and the essence of our organization's existence This collection consists of 333 unique NFTs, each with a randomly blended color of shadows and objects exhibiting today's artistic abilities. These NFTs are stored on the Solana blockchain. Ownership includes the ability to use and show artwork in creative ways, as well as access to our goods, community live events and conversations, a 6-month free membership to our future project* to help creatives, access to our game private tests, and much more, free enter to any event We are combining the analog world and physical art with digital blockchain technology in our initiative. When you purchase an NFT, we will give you a physical print as well as an original 35mm film window

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