In progress - Launched 23.10.2021

Tatraja`s first project launched!
Bright youth

Bright youth - project about finding and supporting young fresh creators, helping them to settle in this fast-pace moving world, preparing students aged from 13-18 for creative adulthood, but also supporting people aged 18-26 collage or university students with bright minds, great ideas and big benefits for humanity’s future.

In progress - Launched 12.12.2021

Searching for
independent artists

Our vision and daily job is to continue contributing into human culture and history by our own work. That’s why TaTraja and Small Robot Games joined forces to unite the community of artists and creatives in one place from around the world.
We are looking for artists who put their soul into their work!

Prepairing - work in progress

Workshops and tutorials

TaTraja and partners are working on a project that will educate young people in interesting fields such as photography, programming, design, performing arts and many other industries

Prepairing - work in progress

NFT and Metaverse

We work with the most modern technologies such as blockchain. We are releasing our first NFT collection to support our projects and activities. We also work with our members and partners on collections that will result in the growth of several members of our organization. Our gallery and coworking area will be located in the metaverse. In the gallery, the works of our creators will be exhibited, which may or may not be related to blockchain technology. In the case of paintings and paintings, the work will be scanned and transferred to the metaverse, in the case of sculptures, a 3D scan will be used. It will also be possible to share music and concerts using the metaverse. We are trying to create a gallery, a concert hall and a co-working space that anyone from the other end of the world will be able to visit.
With our NFT comes variety of real life and online bonuses. Stay tuned!
We will share more details with you soon....

Prepairing - work in progress

TaTraja HUB

TaTraja co-working Hub is a project aimed at connecting people from different industries in one place. People trapped at home-office, art enthusiasts and creative people will be able to visit one of our HUBs and work, improve their skills and build friendships with people with a similar lifestyle.

Prepairing - work in progress

TaTraja online platform

TaTraja co-working Hub is a project aimed at connecting people from all over the world for the purpose of developing education, job offers and courses, tutorials and lectures, finding friends and future colleagues.

Prepairing - work in progress

Videogame development

TaTraja has collaborated with the Small Robot Games. The game studio will be involved in the development of several projects, including video games and applications. Our partners and the community will work with us on the projects.